Commercial Ads: Leave a positive impression of your brand

Commercial ads enhance your brand identity and convey a message to consumers about your products, services and other offerings via television, radio and other mediums. These are mainly produced and paid by business organizations. Advertisements of this sort have promoted various goods, services and ideas from early stage of television history, but, nowadays it is rapidly growing at internet also.

There are two main part of advertisement. First, the creation of commercial ads according to broadcast standards, and second, placing the advertisement on various broadcasting mediums that reaches the desired consumers.

Make your audience aware with the help of commercial ads that you have the products, services and other ideas that can solve a problem in consumer’s life. A research shows that a moderate level of repetition of an advertisement makes great effect on buying decision of an audience. On the other side, you can easily demonstrate your product superior and differentiate positively with other competitive products. Mass audiences can be easily targeted geographically through commercial ads.

Jubilo International uses various techniques such as testimonials, claims, repetitions, bandwagon, pressure, emotion, association etc after detail analysis and research of the product, service and any idea.

A lot of new advertising opportunities have been introduced with the dawn of internet. Jubilo International also focuses on new ads method i.e. popup ad, banner ad, email ad etc.

Jubilo International makes a complete budget friendly media plan concentrating on your target market and target audience.


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