Fashion Design: Combining art, craft and skill

Fashion design is combination of an art, craft and skill. Fashion design is an art of applying a design and aesthetics to a cloth and other accessories like shoes, jewelry, purses etc. It is influenced by different culture and social behavior according to time and place.

A designer researches on fashion trends and considers, that, who will like to wear a garment, and situation in which a cloth will be worn. They focus on materials, colors and pattern to create a design. Their designs are mainly used by manufacturer of garments.

We can see the variation in creation of a fashion designer which is effected by the buying behavior of people, merchandizing approach and product quality. This is the beauty of work of fashion designer to create a design according to need.

There are the main categories in which garments are produced. First, Haute Couture, a garment is made for specific client with high quality fabric, sewn with extreme attention and hand executed techniques. Second, Ready to Wear, cloths are made in small quantity with carefully chosen fabric. Clothes are very exclusive and presented by fashion houses. Third, Mass Market, clothes are produced for wide range of customers. These clothes are produced easily by machine with low priced fabrics.

Jubilo International creates budget friendly designs for every category. We help the manufactures with our services like fashion forecasting, market analysis, design concept and documentation. With the help of these services manufacture and production house can save their time and money for maintenance of design team by outsourcing their design work of garment and accessories.


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