Photography: More than a passive observation

Photography is an art or practice of taking and processing of images upon photosensitive surface (as film in camera) by the chemical action of light and other radiant energy.

Photography is used in many fields such as science, art, film, and video. For some people it is hobby but other can use for business. The journey of photography has been started with various technologies from camera obscura to film photography (black & white and color). After that, along with the inventions in technologies, digital photography became prevalent. Synthesis photography is spreading as next level of photography. In synthesis photography, an artist reaches beyond the real photography with the application of analog and digital photography in digital space.

Camera, stereoscopy, dual photography, full-spectrum, ultraviolet and infrared media, light field photography and many other techniques and media are used in the process of capturing images.

Nowadays, perception of society is changing rapidly due to widely accessible of explicit images and cameras to large number of people in society. Desensitization is rapidly increasing in the use of camera. But there is different aspect of photography also, which is very useful.

Jubilo International provides services in various uses such as amateur, commercial, journalism, art, science and forensics with various photography techniques.


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