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JUBILO INTERNATIONAL MEDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is committed towards the client’s confidence and trust, and accordingly, we maintain our privacy policy to protect the confidential information provided by our clients to us online or offline. It’s our key policy that personal information, such as your name, postal and e-mail address or telephone number, is private and confidential. To ensure that, the personal information you provide is stored within a secure location, and is accessible only by designated staff, which is used only for the purposes for which you provide the information (such as to reply to your request or to handle your complaint(s), as for additional questionnaire it helps us in designing your graphics with more ideas & flexibility). For example, if you fill in the order form online, the personal information you provide will be used to process your order only & additional information will help us in your graphic designing.

NO RELEASE OF INFORMATION TO THIRD PARTIES: Confidential information will not be released to third parties except when a client requests to do so, or it is required to complete/ fulfill the required service. There are no other circumstances under which we will provide or sell personal information to third parties.

USE OF COOKIE TO STORE DATA: Our website use Google Analytics and Conversion tools to monitor website traffic usage and Conversion which includes Google Remarketing by storing a cookie. The cookie helps to deliver our ads and content across internet. We use Google tracking code as our third party vendor to provide all these services.

LEGAL AGREEMENT: All the rights of the finalized logo and artwork/graphics created and designed by JUBILO INTERNATIONAL MEDIA PRIVATE LIMITED for their client belongs to the client it was designed for. JUBILO INTERNATIONAL MEDIA PRIVATE LIMITED does not hold any rights of the logo created (provided that final payment has been received from the client). The client is free to register his/her logo/any graphics as its Trademark created by JUBILO INTERNATIONAL MEDIA PRIVATE LIMITED under his/her name. JUBILO INTERNATIONAL MEDIA PRIVATE LIMITED does not provide registration services, nor does it assume responsibility of an event of a plagiarized name, existing identity, or extreme logo similarity.

 However, in the event of this situation, we will modify the logo to correct and/or aid our customer for a time period of not more than 2 months of creating a primary image. We suggest you to register the logo/graphics with your state or province in order to protect its design. This will protect you from others copying your graphic design.